This company hit my bank account for $30.00 and caused it to go into the negative. When I called them they said we had received an advance from them and that was the fee.

I told them I did not get an advance from that company. She then tried to get me to go to the website www.vantagefundingapp.com/login. That website turns red and gives you a warning not to enter this site it's a fake site pretending to be vantage funding. She kept telling me that I must be typing it in wrong.

But I had to go there to get my funds sent to my bank. I told her I didn't want the funds and I wanted to speak with a supervisor. She tried to avoid it but I remained adamant that I wanted to speak to one. She placed me on hold for 20 minutes and never came back.

I called the number back again and it was busy. It took 3 more tries and then someone answered and I told her I wanted to speak to a supervisor. She was nicer and kept coming back on the line saying that her supervisor was still assisting another customer. The phone number on my check was 888-235-3097.

On the check they cashed it was a really odd high number 9189. Luckily I reported it to my bank and closed that account and they are conducting an fraud investigation.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Atlanta, Georgia, United States #583315

They just got me today 12/19/12 for $30. I don't know how they got my information but I have called them four times and three times they hung up on me.

They told me the only way I can get my money back is to go to the website and finish the loan paperwork.

How do you charge someone $30 for a loan they didn't apply for? I made a claim with the BBB and I'm posting about this company any and everywhere!

to ngb #591978

same here now calling no one anwering the phone people that you cant really understand what they say


Please everyone i contacted the local fbi go on to this site www.IC3.gov n file a complaint they need big numbers to do somethong. Please we all were scammed


Never heard of this company. Checked my bank account balance like I do every Friday and see a check written to them for $30.00.

Check #99196. I don't write checks on this account, so if it were a legit check it would start with a 1. This lady now has me on hold after I asked to speak with a supervisor.

I am reporting this to the police, BBB, my bank and the attorney general. How dare these people get away with this!!!

Same issue they took $30 out of my bank on 10-17-12 and had high ck #. Also, they had the city on check wrong and zip code, so my bank said they know it is fraud.

I did go to my bank and filled out draft fraud. They said it will take a few days to investigate, but they would try and give me a refund in 1-2 business days. When I called the 866-740-7066 # she offered me a gas card of $100. I said I don't want a phony gas card.

I said just refund my money and I want to talk to your supervisor. I held for 10 min and he said they would try and see what they could do, but it would take 5-7 days to get refund? I doubt I will get that! I got mad and hung up and said this company is a scam.

If it happens again the bank sugguest I close my account.

These people are *** artist!!! :(

They hit my account for $30. I'm reporting them to the BBB in Las Vegas.

In the meantime, I'm doing everything else I can to get my money back. If anyone has gotten money

back let me know.

to Cathy #591980

you not going to have to go to your bank let them know they should

:( I had the exact same problem with these people,and now looking at any possible way to attack, and have the law abiding officials do the necessary work for justice. A person's hard earned money should not be taken like that without cause, its not fair!!!
:? UPDATE:..... My bank called me back. They are going to have me sign an "UNAUTHORIZED DEBIT" form. This will return me my $30. Unfortunately it is up to the branch mgr. If they waive my OD fee. I hope they will idk. They also suggest that I close this acct. and Re-open a new one. Also be aware of a MY MONEY LEAF... they debit my account on the 10 of Sept. Same situation here but a $29.95 was debited. That was returned. I don't know if these two people are connected but I'm definitely opening a new account and closing the old one. I would suggest this to anyone.

So I don't know whether to Happy Sad or Pissed.... I guess all three!... I'm also filing a complaint with the BBB and the FCC. The FCC files lawsuits against the Scamers. and in hopes to help warn us about online purchases. Or who we give our Acct. info out to. Best of luck to you guys! God Bless
:( This company Just hit my Bank acct. on Sept 11.

I called them and I threatened them with a lawsuit by my attorney general's office. The woman did not care as to what I had to say and told me to go to the website you have wrote. They charged me $30 and it as well caused my acct. to Negative, and I was charged with an Overdraft fee.

I told them, that if they would not return my $30, Then I was filing a lawsuit for the $30 they took, $37, Overdraft fee, Plus attorney fees, and my fees from having to take time off work to handle this matter. She still kept insisting me to accept these funds, and for my trouble a gas voucher. So finally hung up. Called my Bank.

They are looking into the matter, and I plan on pursuing a lawsuit if possible. However if it is a scam chances are I'm just out of $67.
:( same thing happened to me with this company & told me that it would take 5-7 business days to put the money back in my account!!!! Let's see if this happens!!

Same just got me for 30 dallors and i to never recieved a loan from this company mine was one in NY prob same company thou numbers all match high check number customer service experience very unhappy i filed a complaint on BBB also and will be doing much more to get my point across


Vantage Funding is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. I went to the Better Business site for Las Vegas and filed a complaint against this company. If someone one else would do this then maybe action would be taken against them

This company also ripped my husband and I off! They took ninety dollars from our acct, I have spoken with three supervisors who have each told me the money would be returned to us but, that has not happened and they keep making excuses.

I think this is an illegal company.

I am not going to stop until we get our money back!! :(

I had the same thing happened to my on 7/26/2012 this company(they are cons artist) took $30 dollars from my account without my consent. I went to my bank and they were telling me to call the company and told them that I wanted to get my money.

I had a high number on the check too, same phone number. I think the authorities should look into this company

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