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Well my name is Jamie and this company has taken 30.00 from my account also and I will find out tomorrow right now where I live is 10:37 pm I was looking at my statement earlier today and seen were they had took this money on 8-23-12 check number 9289 and believe it or not this account has only been opened for maybe a month maybe even two,so what I want to know is how they got my information from my bank to get this,by the way my bank is BB&T,I hope for the love of god they ain't in on it b/c if they are to this so called Vantage Funding and BB&T both will pay for my aggravation and I will bring all these want to be a business down I'm getting tired of these big corporations trying to %^&T on the ones who put them were they are

Monetary Loss: $56.

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